15 Best Places to Visit in Puri

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15 Best Places to Visit in Puri

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Puri is the land of Lord Jagannath. This sacred land is one of the most sought-after pilgrim centers of Hinduism. Nested along the Bay of Bengal, Puri is situated in Odisha. With a combined blend of religious and sightseeing places, Puri attracts travelers from across India. The rich culture and heritage of Puri is a center of faith and many beliefs. Before you book your Puri tour package, you must know that this ancient temple town is also known as Jagannath Puri which is considered a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage.

Rath Yatra is a major attraction and is held every year with great enthusiasm and this is why Puri attracts many people year-round. If you are keen to visit Jagannath Puri, you might be wondering where to visit. Well, nothing is there to worry about. This post will definitely help you plan your journey with ease.

Here are some places to visit in Puri that you must include in your journey:

1. Sri Jagannath Puri Temple

Jagannath Temple
Sri Jagannath Puri Temple is one of the impressive monuments of the state. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Jagannath. Lord Jagannath is considered the lord of the universe and the incarnation of Vishnu. Due to its religious significance, Sri Jagannath Puri Temple is famous among Hindus. This temple is made by Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva. This temple is not just the most important spot in Puri but also a richly carved structure. When you visit this temple, you can participate in daily prayers.

2. Puri Beach

Puri Beach
When you visit Puri, you should include Puri Beach in your to-do list when traveling. If you are a nature lover, this beach is no less than a paradise for you. This beach is located on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal. This beach is close to Sri Jagannath Puri Temple. Other temples of Puri are there to explore. This beach is near Bhubaneswar and attracts many tourists. This beach is a perfect picnic spot for families and friends. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset here. If you want to make your vacations memorable, make sure to include this Puri beach in your vacations.

3. Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake is Asia’s largest salt-water lagoon that stretched across Puri, Khordha, and Ganjam districts in Odisha. You will see small islands here that increase the beauty of this place. This lake is 50 km away from Puri and a perfect spot for nature lovers. You can enjoy bird watching here and enjoy boating. You can also try other activities like fishing. This is the most beautiful tourist spot in Puri. You can also witness the flocks of Flamingo during the winter season.

4. Markandeshwar Temple

Markandeshwar Temple
Markandeshwar Temple is located near Bindu Sagar. This temple is one of the holy temples in Puri that you can include in your tour package. This temple was constructed in the 13th century. You will see the figure of Nataraja with 10 arms at the front of the temple. You will also see the image of goddess Parvati, Shree Ganesha, and Lord Murugan. This temple has 52 sacred shrines of Lord Shiva. If you are looking for a place where you find peace, then this temple is worth visiting. Its divine ambiance will surely calm your mind.

5. Khandagiri Caves

Khandagiri Caves
This Khandagiri cave is located within 7 km from Bhubaneswar. This cave was built in the 2nd century BC by Kharavela King. The depiction of the Kalinga War is a major attraction. The carvings influenced by history and mythology will surely impress you. If you have an interest in history and mythology, you must visit this place. Walk around the cave and you will learn about its history and formation from the locals. This cave is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm for tourists.

6. Gundicha Temple

Gundicha Temple
Gundicha Temple is located in the center of a beautiful garden. If you want to enhance your spirituality, this temple is indeed the best place for you to visit. Srimandira is also 3 km from this area. This temple is the best choice for those, who are looking for spiritual awakening. You can easily reach this temple and learn about it from locals. Located in Puri, Gundicha Temple is worth visiting for those, who are spiritually inclined.

7. Narendra Tank

Narendra Tank
Being one of the largest tanks in Odisha, Narendra Tank is famous and the most recommended place you should visit. This tank was built in the 15th century and surrounded by many temples. A Chandana Mandapa Temple is also located in the middle of the tank which looks like a small island. If you are visiting Sri Jagannath Puri Temple, make sure to visit Narendra Tank which is only 1 km from the temple. You can easily reach there by private car.

8. Raghurajpur Artist Village

Raghurajpur Artist Village
If you are someone, who has an interest in art and collecting souvenirs, then you should definitely visit Raghurajpur Artist Village. This is a heritage craft village near Puri. Here, you may purchase a variety of artistic works, including wood and stone sculptures. Additionally, Gotipua folk performances may be enjoyed here, and Patas (Lord Jagannath’s Throne) is made here. You can also participate in many of the types of art that are practiced here.

9. Swargadwar Beach

Swargadwar Beach
Swargadwar Beach is one of the famous destinations in Puri. Enjoy watching sunsets on this beach for a peaceful experience. This beach is also a popular spot in religious towns. As its name suggests ‘Swargadwar’, which means a door to heaven in Hinduism. Taking a dip in this holy sea has great significance among the people. Moreover, people prefer visiting Swargadwar Beach at night to get a vibrant feel.

10. Blue Splash Water Park

Blue Splash Water Park
Many water parks are there in Puri and Blue Splash Water Park is one of them. Several pools and slides are there where you can enjoy rides with your family and friends. You will find different rides here for people of all ages. You can also get some amazing food options here. Apart from colorful rides, families can spend quality time with loved ones here during summer.

11. Pipili

If you have an interest in handicraft arts, you would love this place. This tiny town brings you a wonderful travel experience. You can buy products like lamps, handbags, wall hangings, pillow covers, footwear, scarves, sheets, and more. If you are a shopping person, you must buy some items from there. You would love the art they use to make handicraft items. Go on a shopping spree here and enjoy street-side food here.

12. Alarnatha Temple

Alarnatha Temple
When planning to book a trip to Puri, you should include Alarnatha Temple in your trip. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The idols of Jagannath Temple are kept hidden in this place during Anavasara and this is why this place has a huge significance in Hinduism. You must include this temple in your tour package.

13. Sakshi Gopal Temple

Sakshi Gopal Temple
Sakshi Gopal Temple is one of the famous temples in Puri. Devotees visit this temple from all over the world as this ancient landmark is dedicated to Lord Gopinath. This temple is also known as Satyabadi Gopinatha Temple where you can participate in daily prayers and get the most out of your Puri trip. You can take a bus to the nearest stop or get a private car to reach this temple. People, who are visiting Puri for spiritual enlightenment, must visit this temple.

14. Ganesha Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This temple is famous for its Natya Ganesha or dancing Ganesha statue located inside the famous Jagannath temple. The king of Kanchi gifted this statue of Lord Ganesha according to historical sources. The statue is of miniature-like size but attracts every individual. You must visit this temple and offer a holy offering to the temple.

15. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary

Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary
If you are an animal lover, you must pay a visit to Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary. You can spot many different species of animals. Some of the most famous ones are Black Buck, hyenas, and tribes of monkeys. You can also spot Olive Ridley Turtles as it is located near the sea. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit place when you are traveling to Puri. You can explore this Sanctuary till sunset and get the most out of your travel experience.

What Puri is ideal for?

Puri is an ideal place for family vacations and spiritual pilgrimages. Not only Jagannath Ji Temple, but many places are also there that you can visit and explore while traveling to Puri. With ancient temples, historical places, cultural villages, and beautiful beaches, you will get everything in Puri that interests you. This means that you can include a lot of places in your travel plan and get the best travel experience ever. You must include the above-listed places in your travel plan and experience Odisha city in the best possible way.

This post includes everything that you must do and visit in Puri. Now, plan your trip today and experience the spirit of this city. For a blissful experience, include all the places in your itinerary.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Visit in Puri

Q1. Which Season Is Best To Visit Puri?

Ans: During the winter season, you will experience a pleasant climate. From November to February, you will find the weather travel-friendly. You can also visit Puri during the spring season.

Q2. How Many Beaches Are There To Explore In Puri?

Ans: Puri has 7 wonderful beaches and each of them will give you abundant adventurous experience during your visit.

Q3. Who Built Jagannath Puri?

Ans: The Jagannath Temple was built at the seashore in the 12th century by King Chodaganga. It is the most important landmark in Odisha.

Q4. Are 2 Days Enough For Puri?

Ans: If you want to experience Puri at its best, you must plan a trip of 3 to 4 days.

Q5: How Far Is Konark Sun Temple From Puri?

Ans: The Konark Sun Temple is located 36 Km from Puri and can be reached by road.