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Kumarakom Houseboat

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A cluster of small, man-made Islands set up on land reclaimed from the largest lake in Kerala- Kumarakom houseboat offers a healthy travel experience. Don’t be deluded by the size of this little sleepy village. You can spend a night here at a beautiful homestay, or opt for a houseboat stay compared to Alleppey for a less cluttered backwater experience (although you may have to pay more). If you’re in the mood to explore wildlife, pay a visit to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, A relaxed cluster of uninhabited islands, Kumarakom magnifies the Vembanad Lake’s elegance.

A hot spot for Kerala‘s famous boat races during the Onam period, culture and natural elegance fill these brilliant backwaters with every mangrove and palm rooted in. Watch color and tradition display as the snake-like boats head toward the finish. Ride the waters under a canopy of twinkling stars on a beautiful Kumarakom houseboat, and hear the energy of natural connections. Such floating islands’ mangroves attract a swarm of aerial tourists from far-off lands.

Studded with a majestic waterfall, forest paths, a hill station, a museum, and pilgrimage sites, the Kumarakom houseboat offers a warm welcome to all Keralite. Lose yourself in its magical waters and wildlife diversity. The beach also provides thrilling possibilities to explore the waters once again. Surfing, skiing and parasailing, and letting the waves and winds carry you into a beautiful spiritual discourse.

Best Places to Visit in Kumarakom

  • Kumarakom Houseboat
  • Kumarakom Beach
  • Toddy’s Shops
  • Kumarakom Backwaters
  • Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls
  • Mary’s Church
  • Bay Island Driftwood Museum
  • Kumarakom Craft Museum
  • Vellavali
  • Jumma Masjid
  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Vembanad Lake

Kumarakom Houseboat

Kumarakom houseboat is an alluring place on the banks of the backwaters of Kerala. It is one of Kerala’s most seductive and enthralling backwater destinations. Kerala’s charming state is renowned internationally for its captivating backwater tourism. Backwater tourism is getting great popularity among tourists in God’s Own Country these days. Tourists from all over the world visit Kerala to explore its amazing lovely backwaters. And backwater tourism would be more enchanting when experienced at Kumarakom, Kerala’s houseboats. Yes, a cruise on a houseboat is best for exploring the backwaters’ scenic charm and exploring its surrounding attractions.

Kumarakom houseboat package offers a variety of options, such as below:

  • Deluxe one-room houseboats with double bed for 2 adults + 2 kids
  • 2 bedrooms in one houseboat for 4 adults + 4 kids
  • 3 rooms in one houseboat for 6 adults
  • Houseboat with party room and conference hall
  • Sit out, Sundeck bedroom and all have private bath
  • Attached bathroom with European toilets, common TV, living area, dining table, and kitchen

May the houseboats recall you Kerala’s incredible life. Kumarakom houseboats on Kerala’s backwaters cover an immense area. The Vembanad Lake system reaches into Kerala the largest backwater. Finally in Kumarakom houseboats are tremendous alternatives for short breaks and getaways.

Below are some of the best Kumarakom houseboats:

  • Paradise houseboat
  • Backwater Retreat Houseboats
  • Eco Trails Houseboats
  • Lagoon Bliss Kerala Houseboats
  • Sri Swasti Houseboat
  • Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats
  • Kumarakom Houseboat Holidays
  • B 4 You Houseboats
  • Grand Nirvana Jacuzzi Super Luxury Houseboat
  • Green House Houseboats
  • Tharuvadu Houseboats
  • Jaladarshini Houseboat
  • Palace on waves Houseboats
  • Sarangi Saphire Houseboats
  • Royal Riviera Houseboat service
  • Panorama Cruise Deluxe
  • Water Mill Houseboat
  • Shiva Ganga Holidays Houseboats
  • Lake View Houseboats
  • Signature Premium Cruise
  • Indraprstanam Houseboat
  • Aqua Jumbo Houseboat
  • Amrutham Houseboat
  • Olala Cruise

Activities to Do In Kumarakom Houseboat

  • Houseboat Stay
  • Kettuvalloms
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching


As the largest freshwater lake in Kerala, the Vembanand has its fair share of interesting attributes. Ride the backwaters on beautiful traditional houseboats as they take you through a labyrinth of paddy fields, islands, and seductive canals. One can spend days on end in these floating abodes as they immerse themselves in the wonders of the land and its waters. The trees and the birds on the exploratory trip will be your welcoming companions.

Best Attractive Places in Kumarakom

Kumarkom Bird Sanctuary

The creatures of the sky can‘t resist this veritable dreamland, blessed with an abundance of fantastic waters and broad green covert. 14 acres of land on the shores of Lake Vembanad. Is a refuge for birds.

Boat Races

In the months from August to September, the normally calm backwaters come to life. Culture has blessed the islands with a sport of electrification and fitted them with long wooden boats ornately carved. Check the players’ skills and synchronization. During the Onam festival, the races are a huge attraction.


Here the cuisine is predominantly Syrian Christian in nature which also affects the culture of cooking. Appam- a rice bread can be found here. Kappa (tapioca), Karimeen-a very rare freshwater fish, and other seafood such as shrimps. prawns. The Kumarakom crabs and squids are popular.

Shopping Places in Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a perfect nature lover getaway. And it isn’t an ideal shopping spot. However, in the small town, you can pick up souvenirs from the shops. You are located in Kumarakom. You will find handicraft gift items typical of the Kerala slate. Which involve coconut shells crafted from lampshades to fashion accessories such as earrings, brass lamps, Kathakali masks, and so on.

Best time to visit Kumarakom

Kumarakom experiences a mild and wonderful atmosphere all over the year. The standard temperature runs in the 18 ° C and 32 ° C range. The best time to visit the place is from September to March.

Monsoon Season:

The rainy season mainly lasts from June through September. That area receives an annual rainfall of 1100 mm. As the regions receive two monsoons an occasional drizzle here makes the weather nice and green and fresh in the surrounding.

Summer Season:

Summer begins in March, and lasts until May. In these months the temperature ranges from 22.6 ° C to 34.2 ° C. The days are hot, and relatively cooler nights.

Winter Season:

The temperature drops to 18 degrees centigrade in winter. The best season to visit is winter in Kumarakom. People can also see abundant migratory birds in the sanctuary during this season.

How to reach Kumarakom?

By Air

This divine wonderland is connected from any of its three international airports-Kochi, Kozhikode, or Thiruvananthapuram-by daily flights.

By Road

From Cochin International Airport, drive 85 kms through lush greenery and then switch to Muhamma boat Jetty to reach this natural paradise.

By Rail

The country of God itself has railroads linked from Mumbai and Bengaluru and Chennai. Both stations in Cochin and Kottayam lead you to this fascinating labyrinth.