Top 15 Spiritual Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

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Top 15 Spiritual Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh is the land of mystical charm. The dense forests sing songs of the past while the crowning glory of the Majestic Himalayas showers its blessings. The state has seen a mingling of various traditions, people and religious beliefs over the ages that has created a magical mosaic of culture in Himachal Pradesh that we know and love. Himachal Tour Packages will be incomplete with a spiritual exploration. Also referred to as Devbhumi, Himachal Pradesh is the perfect destination for some soul rejuvenation. Here are the top spiritual destinations in Himachal Pradesh:

List of 15 Famous Religious Places in Himachal Pradesh

1. Tabo Monastery (Lahaul Spiti)

Tabo Monastery
Founded in 996 CE and also known as Tabo Chos-Khor, Tabo Monastery is the oldest monastery in the Lahaul Spiti district. This Buddhist enclave in the Himalayas is also often referred to as the Ajanta of Himachal. The complex is absolutely stunning with 9 different shrines and traditional frescoes drawn on walls, depicting tales from the Buddhist pantheon. The best way to experience its spiritual energy is by staying at the monastery itself since it is open for budget travellers. Settled along the mountain slope for over 1,000 years now the monastery is dotted with stupas and cave shrines where meditation can be done in utmost peace.

2. Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara (Kullu)

Gurudwara Sahib Manikaran
Resting right next to the gushing holy Parvati River, Manikaran Gurudwara is one of the most important Sikh pilgrimage destinations in India. It is said that it was here that Manu had recreated human beings after the destructive great flood. Situated about 35 kms away from the main town of Kullu, the current temple structure was built during the 17th century. The special feature about the Gurdwara is the natural hot water spring where devotees go to take a holy dip. It also contains essential healing agents that have proven benefits to the human body. It is a must-visit especially if you are visiting Kasol as it is just 2-3 kms away.

3. Little Lhasa (Kangra)

This scenic hilly suburb in Mcleodganj is not only home to a large chunk of the Tibetan population but it is also the home to the 14th Dalai Lama. Blessed with thick deodar forests and snowcapped peaks, little Lhasa has to be one of the most spiritually active places in Himachal Pradesh. The Tsuglagkhang complex, the residence of his holiness, is probably the most popular and important spiritual destination in Himachal Pradesh.  The serenity of this place is palpable and from the moment you step here, you will be bombarded with a feeling of immense peace and calm. Be sure to go monastery hopping in Mcleodganj for a wholesome spiritual experience.

4. Kinner Kailash Trek (Kinnaur)

Kinner Kailash
Located in the stunning hill station of Kalpa, the pilgrimage trek to Kinner Kailash is one of the most important Yatras for Hindus as well as Buddhists. The trek follows a soul-rejuvenating parikrama of the holy Kinner Kailash Peak. It is said that it was here that Lord Shiva used to call the meeting of gods and goddesses annually. Walking on the same path as where gods and goddesses had once walked is a deeply soul-stirring experience making the spiritual vibes here eminent. This place is guarded by three mountain ranges of Zanskar, Dhauladhar and the Himalayas. The Parikrama commences from Kalpa via Triund Valley and then back to Kalpa via Sangla Valley.

5. Kye Monastery (Lahaul Spiti)

Kye Monastery
Located on an elevation of 13,668 feet above sea level, Kye Monastery or Ki Gompa is the highest monastery in Himachal Pradesh and a centre for spirituality and Buddhist learnings for Buddhists from all over the world. This largest monastery in Spiti also functions as a religious training centre for the lamas of the future. This picturesque mosque which is one of the most popular places to visit in Spiti is the perfect place to achieve some enlightenment or have an awakening of your own. There are lodging services available inside the monastery for anyone curious to learn about Buddhism or their way of life.

6. Prashar Lake (Mandi)

Prashar Lake
Settled amidst the mighty Dhauladhar ranges in the scenic Kullu valley, Prashar Lake is the perfect destination for people looking for a spiritual rejuvenation, away from the chaotic crowd. The freshwater lake rests peacefully right next to a three-storied pagoda-like temple structure. The lake is mystical in nature since its depth remains unknown. The sacred lake is the place where sage prashar used to perform intense meditation. The spirituality here is further amplified due to its location amongst the Dhauladhar range, Pir Panjal Ranges and Kinnaur mountain ranges. The hike up to the temple is definitely worth it.

7. Bijli Mahadev (Kullu)

Bijli Mahadev Temple ranks among one of the most important and sacred temples in India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and located at a distance of 14 kms from the main town of Kullu, the temple is reachable by covering a blissful and rewarding trek of 3 kms. From the temple, one can catch some of the most spectacular views of Kullu valley. The presence of deep spirituality here is felt from the moment you head on for the blissful trek. The defining feature of the temple is the 60 feet high staff that adorns on top of the temple’s roof. The temple’s name is derived from the fact that every 12 years, the Shiva lingam is struck by lightning.

8. Church of St. John’s in the wilderness (Dharamshala)

St. John in the Wilderness
Dharamshala is one of the best destinations for a deep spiritual experience in Himachal Pradesh. The church is dedicated to John the Baptist and was built in 1852. Located in Forsyth Ganj and set amidst the incredible deodar forest, this Anglican Church is known for its Belgian stained glass windows and neo-gothic architecture. The church can be reached via a 20-minute simple downhill walk from the bus station and is one of the most popular places to visit in Dharamshala. The place and environment is so peaceful and spiritually active that you will feel like spending as much time here as possible.

9. Tsechokling Gompa (Mcleod Ganj)

When it comes to Buddhism and Buddhist learnings, Himachal Pradesh is the Hubspot and people from all over the world come here to stay and learn more about it. Hence, the aura here, especially in Mcleodganj is loaded with a deep sense of spirituality that is highly palpable. Tsechokling Gompa is one of the most important places in Mcleodganj. This peaceful monastery was built in 1987 and its design and architecture replicates the original Dip Tse Chok ling Gompa in Tibet, which was destroyed during the revolution. Famous for its fine carvings, engraving, murals and mandalas, the monastery serves as a home to a small order of Gelugpa monks.

10. Manu Temple (Manali)

Located in the stunningly scenic and spiritually active hills of Old Manali, Manu temple is located 3 kms away from the main temple. Dedicated to the Indian sage Manu, the temple is built on the exact spot where he is believed to have meditated regularly. Unlike regular temples in India, the Manu Temple is constructed using wood and stone and in the traditional Himachali style of architecture. The excotic views of the Beas River and the valley below adds some serious aesthetic value to the temple environment. If you are looking for a place that is less crowded than the Hidimba Devi Temple, then Manu temple is just the place for you.

11. Bhagsunath Temple (Kangra)

Bhagsunath Temple
Bhagsunath temple is located 3 kms away from Mcleodganj which is a mediaeval shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Highly revered by the Hindu and Gorkha community, the holy shrine is mainly known for its incredible pools that hold immense healing properties. The temple was built as a symbolic gesture for repentance towards the snake god or Nag Devta. The temple structure is a double-storied wooden structure that spells peace and serenity. The temple is a treat for not just spiritual seekers but also for people looking to explore the nearby surroundings as it is surrounded by some of the top tourist attractions in Manali like Kotwali Bazaar, the dal lake etc.

12. Narayan Nagini Temple (Kinnaur)

Narayan Nagini Temple
Overlooked by the snowcapped peaks, Narayan Nagini Temple in Kalpa is the epitome of intense spirituality at its best. The temple structure in itself is a MasterClass in peak Kinnauri design and architecture. Believed to be 5,000 years old, over the years the temple has accumulated a lot of spiritual and positive energy that can be felt during the visit there. The temple is also a representation of the coexistence of the deep, peaceful relationship between the Hindus and Buddhists of these hilly regions. Located at the top of the hill at Chini Village, the temple is exhilarating in every Sense.

13. Shrikhand Mahadev Pilgrimage (Kullu)

Situated in Kullu district, Shrikhand Mahadev is one of the most highly revered religious pilgrimage circuits in India. This is one of the 5 holy abodes of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. The sole purpose of the entire trip is to reach the 75 feet high natural Shivling that is located on top of a mountain. The trek is 32 kms from one side and is considered to be one of the toughest treks in India. Dedicated to lord Shiva the entire journey is steeped in an intense feeling of devotion and love for the lord. This 5 or 6 days of trek starts off from Jaon village and goes across several valleys, gorges, forests and meadows.

14. Gandhola Monastery (Lahaul Spiti)

Situated 18 kms from Keylong and located right above the high-altitude village of Tupchiling, Gandhola or Guru Ghantal Monastery is the oldest monastery in Lahaul region. Located on top of a mountain and reachable after covering a very steep hike of 2 kms, the monastery is a peaceful respite. Offering magnificent views of hanging glaciers, Gushing Chandrabhaga River and rolling barren giant hills on all sides, the monastery has to be one of the most peaceful spiritual places in not just Lahaul Spiti but in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh. The monastery’s construction dates back to the 8th century and its foundation stones were laid by Padmasambhava making it extremely important as a Buddhist spiritual centre.

15. Church of Scotland (Chamba)

Churches in Himachal Pradesh are some of the most spiritually active locations in the subcontinent. The Church of Scotland attracts tourists visiting Chamba. Built during the 17th century, for the use of the Christian community residing in Chamba, the church stays true to its original structure, style, and designs. Situated in the main market of Chamba, the church is a show stopper for explorers and a visit here is a must. The arched lance windows beautifully compliment the earthy and traditional architectural style of Chamba. Its location promotes mindfulness and calmness together. Take out some time from your busy schedule of sightseeing in Chamba and experience spirituality at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which Important Shaktipeeth Is Located In Himachal Pradesh?

Ans. Chamunda Devi Temple is the most important Shaktipeeth in Himachal Pradesh.

Q. How Many Religious Places Are There In Himachal Pradesh?

Ans. There are about 16 religious places in Himachal Pradesh.

Q. Which Is The Largest Temple In Himachal Pradesh?

Ans. Lakshana Devi Temple is the largest one in Himachal Pradesh.

Q. Why Is Himachal Famous?

Ans. Himachal is famous as an adventure holiday destination as well as a famous spiritual destination.

Q. Where Is The Highest Shiva Temple In The World?

Ans. Tungnath Mahadev in Uttarakhand is the highest Shiva Temple in the world.