7 Unique Wedding Invitation Card Ideas


7 Unique Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

Wedding invitation cards have always been a major part of the wedding since there is nothing more important than a formally extended invite that is not only creative to look at but also conveys the theme and all about the wedding function to the guests. But with so many card designs and designers in the market, how can you stand out and do something unique and different?

1. With Doodle Drawing

The minimalist look with cute little doodles on the wedding invites will look quite attractive and creative. You can even have those doodles on the wedding card envelope. The funky sketches can be used to tell your love story in the form of quirky drawings. And if the sketches are good, the guests might even treasure the invites instead of throwing them away.

2. Like A Filmy Poster

This is a growing trend, especially in Mumbai, the film city. Who doesn’t want to be on a movie poster and act like a filmy hero/heroine? Well, if not an actual movie poster, then perhaps a wedding invite would do. Re-enact the poses from a popular romantic movie and design a Bollywood special wedding invite.

3. With Illustration

This is another one of the unique ideas. You can experiment with designs and make them into a wall-hanging kind of invite. With beautiful or cool illustrations on it, reflect your style and your story. But make sure that the details of the wedding function don’t get lost in the illustrative details. Another important thing to keep in mind is the colour scheme and structure.

4. With Florals Design

Floral designs have always been everybody’s favourite. Who doesn’t like beautiful floral prints both on wedding invitation envelopes and the actual card? There are many elegant floral designs that one can opt for, but a unique style would be going for the watercolor look. The bright flowers with a watercolor look would add an element of beauty to your invite. Just make sure the colour scheme is kept light and bright.

5. Like Pop Art

This is for the funky cool couple with a sense of humour. Invite our friends, not through boring traditional wedding cards but quirky pop art designs. Make it with comic-style fonts and exaggerated narratives. Personalize the card according to your own wishes.

6. Tell Your Story with Polaroid

Tell your love story through polaroids of some of your moments together. If you have already had a pre-wedding shoot, you can even use those pictures while customizing a wedding card.

7. A Royal Traditional Look

Though the traditional look has become quite common, you can still bring uniqueness to it by folded-paper designs or by creating it like a piece of ancient art.

There are just so many ideas that one can experiment with while deciding on a wedding invite idea but the main thing to keep in mind is that it must convey your story, your style, and the theme of the wedding to the guest in the most beautiful, elegant and fun manner possible.