Umbrella Falls in Bhandardara, Maharashtra


Umbrella Falls in Bhandardara, Maharashtra

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The Umbrella Falls are the falls created under the Wilson Dam. The force with which the waterfalls on the rocks that are naturally positioned that give an umbrella impression. This Umbrella falls also called Randha falls. This falls situated by the Pravara River having a waterfall of 170 feet. Umbrella Falls is a beautiful seasonal waterfall located at Bhandardara Dam in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. 500 m from the Bhandardara Bus Stop. It is one of Bhandardara ‘s top places to visit and also one of Maharashtra’s best waterfalls.

Water gushes out of a small opening at its northern end over a semicircular rock when the Wilson dam overflows during the monsoon. Creating the picturesque Umbrella Falls.

For hydro-electric energy generation, the water body often used. Just below the waterfall, there is a bridge, and visitors can get a complete view of the waterfalls standing on the bridge. Only during the monsoon season, when the dam hits maximum capacity, can the waterfalls enjoyed.

There is a little footbridge linking the Pravara River that can use to cross the falls and the dam and take a closer look.

Not only is the Umbrella waterfall seasonal, but time-specific as well. Only during the storm and when the dam releases water can you enjoy the lovely white umbrella of water flowing down. From 11 am to 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, water published for a limited period of time. As there is no other operation here, schedule your visit to this place accordingly. Via small streams, water flows down where we can spend a decent amount of time.

Places To Visit Nearby Umbrella Falls

Wilson Dam, Bhandardara, Umbrella Falls

Established on the Pravara River in 1910, the Wilson Dam is India’s largest earthen dam. Which speaks of the engineering excellence of those days. There is a garden at the base of the dam that boasts dense greenery, enormous trees, and small streams. In the monsoons, the dam gates open themselves to release water into the plains. As the water level increases and you can go to the edge of the Garden to enjoy the sprinkles of water.

Kalsubai Peak, Bhandardara, Umbrella Falls

The highest peak in the Sahyadri Ranges is Mt. Kalsubai. An unforgettable sight in Bhandardara is the view of this magnificent peak. As it is the highest peak in the state, it is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra. The trek is a very complicated one and it is typically difficult for seasoned trekkers to find their way to the top. If you do not want to hike, there are now man-made stairs to reach the top. The hills near the Kalsubai top, however, are comparatively simpler to scale.

Randha Falls, Bhandardara

The Randha Falls of the River Pravara is another waterfall attraction in Bhandardara. From a height of 170 ft, the clear water of the Pravara River falls ferociously into a majestic ravine. However, only in the monsoons is this waterfall attractive.

Arthur Lake, Bhandardara

Arthur Lake is a charming little pool that gets its water from the Pravara River, surrounded by the lush mountains of the Sahyadri Ranges. It is a serene place to relax and drink in the beauty of nature.

Ratanwadi Village, Bhandardara

Ratanwadi is a village on the Kalsubai peak in Maharashtra near Bhandardara that houses the famous Ratangad fort and the prominent temple of Shiva called Amruteshwar.

As it is far from the main town and has a rustic charm to it, it is a popular trekking location. Ratangad is a 2000-year-old fort that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured in his day. It is located in the base village of Ratanwadi, which overlooks the Bhandardara. Amruteshwar ‘s majestic temple, built out of stone, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the 12 temples of Shiva founded by King Jhang in 900AD.

Best Season to Travel to Umbrella Falls

Umbrella falls situated in Bhandardara and monsoon season is the best time to visit. As it is behind the Wilson Dam. When the Dam reaches the full capacity of storage then falls will start. so monsoon is the best time to travel between July to Oct.

How to Reach Umbrella Falls?

The falls can easily access walking from Bhandardara bus station which is very within One kilometer walkable distance.

How To Reach Bhandardara?

Option 1 By Road

Bhandardara is 180 km from Mumbai and can be reached via National Highway 3 (NH3) followed by a right turn from the Ghoti toll post. Another 30 km from Ghoti and you arrive in Bhandardara. 175 km is the distance from Pune. From Ghargaon, take the State Highway (SH 21) to Bhandardara, and you can access it via NH 50 to Ghargaon.

Option 2 By Train

Igatpuri is the nearest railway station, which is 45 km from Bhandardara, on the Mumbai-Nashik railway network. You can take the State transportation Bus or a taxi from there.

Option 3 By Air

Mumbai International Airport, which is 177 km away, is the closest airport. From the airport to Bhandardara, taxis can be rented.

Nearest Airport: New Pune International Airport, located 79 km from Bhandardara.