Jog Falls Tourism, Karnataka


Jog Falls Tourism, Karnataka

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Jog Falls of Karnataka has located at Shimoga and North Kanara border, 100 KM from Shimoga town, and 380 km from Bangalore.

Jog waterfalls of Karnataka, the second-highest waterfall in India, is a major tourist attraction in Karnataka and is the state’s highest waterfall. Second, in a single fall, Jog waterfalls drop to the Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya, around a massive 253 m (850 ft.) drop. However, the flow in the falls is extremely limited before monsoons due to the construction of the Linganamakki Dam. Which is a nearby hydroelectric power plant. So it is best to go to see the falls in their full form during the Monsoon season.

Jog Falls of Karnataka located in the thick evergreen deep forest. It is 16 Kms from Talguppa nearest railway station and it is the highest waterfall in India.

Jog Waterfalls in Karnataka

Jog Waterfalls is a two-hour drive from the main city of Shimoga. This seasonal waterfall is divide into four parts-Raja, Roarer, and Rocket, and Rani-also known as Gersoppa Falls or the Joga waterfalls. Based on some features of the streams, they called. Raja is an unbroken stream. Roarer is powerful. And the violent current that flows down to meet the stream of Raja, Rocket flows in various jets, and Rani is a quiet stream with foam dropping. Try finding the streams next time you visit!

These falls can also be reached by taking NH 48 or NH4. The Impact is greatly amplified by the wild and beautiful area that is filled with a wealth of beautiful nature around. The moves carved through the rocks will carry you to the very bottom of fall and flood you with fumes spray bouncing off those rocks.

Jog Waterfalls Karnataka Weather

The Jog waterfalls heavy during Monsoon, making a beautiful sight with rainbows every now and then. One can take an adventurous stroll down the gorge when the Linganamakki Dam gates closed.

The right time to visit the Jog waterfalls is in winter when the mist clears the sky. August to December is the full water flow season and this time is the best to visit this fall.

Places to Visit near Jog Falls / Jog falls near tourist places

Below are the nearest places to visit Jog falls Karnataka. Jog falls near places.

Linganamakki Dam

It is one of the country’s biggest human-made water reservoirs. This is one of the near Jog falls tourist places. The dam’s length is a mere 2.4 km, but its water storage capacity is much greater than any other dam due to its depth. Stretching over the Sharavathi River, it is situated in the Sagara Taluk near Kargal town. The distance of 6 km from the world-famous Jog waterfalls.

Tunga Anicut Dam

This is the most popular picnic spot, with lush green paddy fields surrounding it, near Jog Falls. Teak jungles are also located all over the dam. This is one of the near Jog falls tourist places.

Unchalli Falls

Lushington Falls, also known as Unchalli Falls, is 116 m wide. This is one of the near Jog falls tourist places. The waterfall comes from the river Aghanashini and is situated in the middle of thick forests. Located near Hegganur, from which it is a 6 km trek, are the majestic falls. The trek provides an impressive view of the falls, with many opportunities to spot rainbows!

Dabbe Falls

This is a secret gem in the Shimoga area of Karnataka, nestled within the lush green folds of the Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one of the near Jog falls tourist places. Nature lovers and adventurers are attracted to the Dabbe falls by the alluring call of the forest and the stunning stream of water flowing down the mountain. The term ‘dabbe’ in the native language translates into ‘steps.’

The explanation behind such a name is the Dabbe Falls stream bed, which resembles steps. More specifically, a kind of terrace jutting out of the steep wall of the Dabbe.

Kanoor Fort

This fort, also known as the Keladi Kote, is located in the district of Shimoga and is named after the Keladi dynasty that ruled this region. On their way here, food and tents must be brought by all tourists. This is one of the near Jog falls tourist places.

Water Sports at Honnemaradu

Honnemaradu, a small village on the backwaters of the River Sharavathi, is less than an hour from Jog Falls. This one is the place to be, literally translating into the ‘golden pool’ if you happen to be at Jog Falls. All the gushing and dropping water has left you tempted by some river rafting and kayaking. Kayaking is only permitted with a guide, though boat rides can be enjoyed here too.

This Jog falls also known as Gerusoppa falls, is India’s highest unbalanced waterfalls as it falls directly and does not trickle onto the rocks.

Jog Falls The Best Time To Visit

Summers are extremely hot at Jog Falls while the monsoons are the best for visiting this beauty. Winters, with weather conditions that are suitable for outdoor activities, is also a great time to visit this location. Since Jog Falls Karnataka is a seasonal waterfall, the monsoons are the best time to view the falls in its natural shade.

Although the place is popular for winter picnics and outings, both in winter and in summer, the beauty of the waterfall is suppressed due to the lack of rain. This beautiful waterfall’s magnificence is simply incredible, and it is fair to assume that it offers a feeling of serenity that can hardly be found anywhere else.

How To Reach Jog Waterfalls Of Karnataka?

Option 1 by Air

The nearest airport to Hubli is well connected to all of South India’s major cities. Mangalore, which is well connected to major cities around the country and a few Middle Eastern countries, is the nearest international airport. There are buses traveling from Sagara and Shimoga to both Hubli and Mangalore, which are the nearest transport hubs to Jog Falls.

Nearest Airport: International Airport of Mangalore (IXE)-142 km from Jog Falls

Option 2 by Road: Jog waterfalls from Bangalore by bus

Jog Falls is well connected by a network of national highways to major cities like Bangalore and Mangalore. To reach Jog Falls, you can opt for a bus or cab from these towns.

Option 3 by Train: Jog waterfalls nearest railway station

Shimoga, the nearest station, is well connected by frequent trains to Bangalore and Mangalore. To reach Jog Falls, you can fly through Bangalore and take a train to Shimoga or Taluguppa.